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OK, I know my first entry should be like a brief introduction about myself, where do I live, how old am I, what things do i look in life, yada yada~ all that sort of things that usually people drabble about in their livejounal...well at the first post, to be exact. To be honest, i never posted anything in my LJ even after months of becoming a member in this online community, because;
1st: The main and only reason I'm in LJ because I want to find stuff about JE boys,(particularly my Ryo-chan =P) not other than that. (yup, I'm a certified fangirl of Nishikido Ryo and other JE boys)...so all i do here is lurking in communities and read gossip, latest news about them and download videos and pictures of my beloved Ryo-chan. (and my family is complaining how all these are eating up space in the HDD.....gomennasai minna~huhu)

2nd: I live a very boring life, (and when I say boring, it IS boring...huhu T_T) *i wonder when will my prince charming a.k.a Ryo will come and save me LOL* so i have nothing interesting to share with other people about my life, and that I think people are not interested in my life either, so yeah...that explains my former blank LJ. ROFL~

3rd: I'm practically very lazy to write, simply because I used to hate writing essay or anything longer than 3 lines back then when i was in school. It still remains a mystery how I got quite a good result in my IELTS. haha  =P and I swear the only things that I write here are comments that I left in other people LJ and communities whenever I feel obligated to after I purposely snatch some JE-related stuff from them.XD XD but I really do appreciate their hardwork in uploading those things. I  DO!! I SWEAR I DO!! ^___^

But recently, someone very close to me asked me to write something in my LJ, simply because she wants to read something that I write. At
first I felt very neglected to do so, because I'm a very very very x10000000 lazy girl (I swear there's no one lazier in this world than me =P). And plus, it's been month since I first joined LJ and I never posted anything in my LJ, so why should I start doing so only now? But then she said, "maybe this is the last time ever that I can read anything from you".

So at that instance, I think, maybe, it's never too late after all to start something new.



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